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I get to do this !!


I have to pinch myself sometimes to be sure I'm not dreaming....  

I get to do this:  


Play piano, Perform with The Mark Sorrells Trio, with Lori D. Hall, with Newell & Sorrells

and Teach wonderful students from ages 7 through 77 !!


       ...and help folks wherever I can.


Life can be really, really fun !!  Below are a few snippets of what I consider to be a A Wonderful Life !!


A Presentation for Children at
"Fiddle & Pick"
Musical Heritage
Pegram, TN

( Click picture above to join the children in a presentation of the various styles of music we can enjoy !! )


Gretchen Priest-May and a host of stunningly talented fellow musicians add a rich treasure to our Pegram, TN Musical Heritage Center.  Located in the refurbished original building of the Pegram General Store, Gretchen leads an inspired and tireless offering of learning -- fiddle, violin, piano, bass, group playing, soloing, Celtic and Irish music heritage, just for starters!!  


Videographer:  Christian Pfennig.  Thank you, Chris !!


Writing Performer
Dawn Beyer sings her
"I Will Be Your Voice"
written for Debra...

( Click the pic of Mark with Dawn Beyer,

signing the "Abilene Guitar"

to be auctioned off

to raise funds to help pay

for Debra's surgery and recovery.)


 ( You will hear Dawn's prescient and beautiful composition,

"I Will Be Your Voice." )

"The Nashville/Abilene Guitar"
Vince Gill, Amy Grant, 
Lori Lee Loving and friends are creating a help for our friend, Debra Sheridan !!

(Click the picture above to begin to see all the many Nashville celebrities, songwriters, session musicians and "behind-the-scenes" folks who've "Got your back" in this amazing, creative music industry.)


In talking with Lori Lee Loving, Vince and Amy's assistant suggested that they sign a guitar to be auctioned to raise funds for our friend Debra.  Debra is a stellar Nashville photographer and Woman of Tenacious Spirit.  She defeated cancer 7 years ago, but has had further surgery to regain the joys you and I take for granted every day:  breathing clearly, eating, speaking with friends.


If you like, please help us!!  Click on Debra's Photo below....


" I Will Be Your Voice "
Click the Photo at Left
to join us in helping 
Debra Sheridan in her throat reconstruction

(Click Debra's pic above, to see a display of her photography!!)


Debra Sheridan has a love for life, a tenacious spirit, and an artist's eye for the subtle, beautiful details found  in God's wonderful creation and His people...


As Debra recovers from her throat reconstruction surgery, which happened this October in NYC, we want you to think of ways you might employ her art, her technical knowledge, and her ability to capture life with her amazing Canon camera.  

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