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"Rock & Review" - Fox 17.    Eric Dahl interviews Mark Sorrells

Nashville, TN -- December 17, 2013


I love working with the wonderful folks at Miller Piano Specialists in Franklin, TN.  Located next door to Sperry's Restaurant in Cool Springs area, I teach piano there, and sometimes meet the most interesting people you can imagine in this Little Big Town of Nashville !!


Eric had me come out to Fox 17 to play the Yamaha Avant Grande Hybrid piano.  We talked about the amazing feeling and sound this piano offers, using the keyboard, hammers and action you will find in the finest Yamaha accoustic pianos.  The hammers strike sensors instead of accoustic strings, so you will hear several beautifully sampled Grand Pianos, as well as samples of Ray Charles' vintage Fender Rhodes electric pianos.  Call and come by !!  Miller Piano:  615.771.0020.


Leon Russell came to hang out with us...

Miller Piano Specialists / YAMAHA Dealership / Cool Springs -- July 2, 2012



Artists are actually very personable, human and real. I see them as cream of the crop, and absolutely the nicest folks.  The most accomplished ones are.  


Leon hung out with us and told stories.  In L.A., it had initially taken Leon some time to get booked on a session by Henry Mancini.  When Leon came to play, the session went great.  Henry asked him why he hadn't knocked on his door sooner, and Leon said he didn't feel like he was a very good "music reader."  Mancini said, "Leon, don't let that hold you back.  I can't read worth a shit!!"  There's hope for all of us!!


Leon also said that during all these years of performing, he has an almost "panic attack" level of anxiety about being in crowds.  Might explain his facial effect -- just keepin' it under his hat.  And might also explain the early use of the Top Hat -- to hide a bit behind a "persona" while on stage.  Look at the Lyrics of "Tight Rope," and  you'll see him sharing his anxiety with you, his listener.



Kallen Esperian / Pavoratti's Favorite Soprano

Nashville, TN  -- February 11, 2013


I had the amazing privilege of accompanying Operatic Starlet Kallen Esperian, in performing a rendition of Elvis' / Mickey Newbury's "American Trilogy."  Her performance was a highlight of the opening ceremonies for  the Tennessee State Museum's display of the Emancipation Proclamation during Black History Month, 2013.  


Kallen Esperian is stellar and a stunningly beautiful and gracious woman.  What a joy to have this little time near this astonishingly talented and lovely human being !!


( Click our picture to the left, to see Kallen and Luciano at work together!! )


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