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Newell & Sorrells - New Orleans Jazz, Blues, Boogie & Sixties...

James R. Newell and Mark Sorrells have worked together as a performing duo since 1998.  Their mutual love of the roots of American music is seen and felt in each performance.  They LOVE this stuff, and derive joy from each performance, from every exploration of our musical heritage.  I hope you'll enjoy this glimpse of their joyful work.

More Blues....

Newell & Sorrells performs periodically at Whitfield's Restaurant & Bar, 106 Harding Place, Nashville TN  37205.  It's a lovely neighborhood bar, featuring top shelf cuisine, well-chosen quality and healthy foods, attentive and friendly service, and nightly entertainment.  Saturday Nights usually belong to Mark Sorrells, who either invites his Mark Sorrells Trio or Newell & Sorrells to perform.  Call Whitfield's at 615.254.5650 for directions or reservations.

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