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I get to do this....


I'm a grateful man.  


Performing with some of the best musicians Nashville has to offer,

and helping raise up the next generations.  

Sometimes, we catch a little magic in a bottle ( or on a cellphone video, below !! )


Miller Piano Specialists
Home of YAMAHA:
Grand Pianos, Uprights, 
Clavinovas, & Avante Grande

I am so fortunate to work with Sylvia and Ross Miller, Jan and Sherry and the wonderful fellow piano and music teachers at Miller Piano !!  


(Click the above photo) to see me demonstrating a Clavinova at the Grand Opening of Sam's Club in Hermitage a few years ago.  These little babies can do so much, and are so gratifying and fun to play !!!

Mark Sorrells Trio:
For Parties, Fun &
Top Shelf Musicianship

I am so very proud to work with these two guys !!  Gene Ford on guitar, Dave Dunseath on drums, myself on keyboards & vocals.


We have had so much fun, and made such wonderful music these past ten years -- and looking forward to more !!!


Give us an excuse to play your party !!  We'll charge you the big bucks, but we're worth it!!   (Click above pic for a Beatles Fave!!)

Workin' out details....

Travis Settles came to me for lessons, and I kinda turned that around...  He's been pianist for his Gospel Church since age 11, and could play the Fire out of the Devil and the Wings off the Angels!!  I got him to take apart "It Is Well" slowly, so I could put together a little chart of what he was doing....  Here's part of the work session....  ( Click the piano pic above.)


The performance result is below...

Gospel:  It Is Well
(With My Soul)
Arrangement by Travis Settles & Mark Sorrells

So Travis & I worked together, and the above performance is what we came up with that lovely rainy day!!


I absolutely LOVE working with Sylvia, Ross, Jan & Sherry at the Cool Springs location of Miller Piano Specialists!!    One great perk is the privilege to play these lovely YAMAHA uprights & grands, as well as their Hybrid Avant Garde models & Clavinovas!!


Come see us !!  

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